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Le Moulin Rouge de Danse

Leading Dance School and Performing Arts Center in Washington, North Carolina

We are DANCE.

From ballet to hip-hop/urban, Fosse to Graham, we offer instruction from ages 3 and up in multiple styles and techniques.


Students will learn poise, grace, terminology, body control, and most importantly - how to express themselves through the passion of movement.

Who We Are




Discover the Joy and Growth Dance Brings to Your Child!

At Le Moulin Rouge de Danse, we believe dance is more than just movement; it's a powerful tool for your child's physical, emotional, and social development. Watch as your child blossoms with improved coordination, enhanced self-esteem, and the ability to express themselves creatively in a nurturing environment. Our classes foster teamwork, discipline, and resilience, skills that extend far beyond the dance studio. As a parent, you'll delight in seeing your child's confidence soar and their joy unfold with every dance step.


Let's nurture their potential together, one dance at a time!


Dance class at Le Moulin Rouge de Danse is a lively social experience where children build friendships and learn teamwork. Our supportive environment fosters respect, communication, and a sense of community, making each class a chance for your child to connect, share joy, and grow with others.


Social Interactions

Experience the transformation in physical coordination and poise with our dance classes at Le Moulin Rouge de Danse. As children master dance movements, they develop better balance, agility, and grace, enhancing their overall physical development and confidence in every step they take.


Physical Coordination

Dance at Le Moulin Rouge de Danse is a beautiful journey of self-expression. Our classes provide a creative outlet where children can freely express their emotions and ideas through movement, fostering imagination and personal growth in a fun, supportive environment.



Our dance classes at Le Moulin Rouge de Danse are a nurturing ground for building confidence. As children learn, perform, and master new skills, they experience a remarkable boost in self-assurance and the courage to express themselves, laying a foundation for lifelong confidence.



We are DANCE.

Experience the grace and discipline of classical ballet, focusing on technique, posture, and fluidity, perfect for developing elegance and strength.


Immerse in rhythmic steps and lively beats. Our tap classes emphasize timing, coordination, & musicality, perfect for energetic and expressive dancers.


A dynamic blend of acrobatics and dance, focusing on flexibility, strength, and balance, ideal for developing agility and artistic expression.


Dive into the energetic world of jazz dance, combining upbeat rhythms with expressive dance, perfect for fostering creativity and style.


Get into the groove with our high-energy hip-hop classes, blending street dance styles and rhythms, ideal for fostering individuality and rhythm.

Hip Hop

Join our elite performance group, focusing on teamwork, advanced choreography, & various styles, perfect for dedicated performers.


Emotional expression through fluid movements in our contemporary dance classes, blending techniques for an artistic experience.


Delve into the expressive fusion of ballet and jazz, interpreting music and lyrics through heartfelt, fluid dance movements for emotional storytelling.


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